The Subject Speaks Back at ACMI

This film examines changing representations of indigenous identity, notable in the recent but revolutionary new wave of indigenous voices in Australian film.
 The Subject Speaks Back examines the way in which our screen history has, and is, defining Aboriginal Australia. “For Lewis, as actor and as subject, the drama of Aboriginality – of being watched, and seen, and different, and seeing oneself through others’ eyes, is never done” (Rothwell, 2006). To a large degree, mainstream Australia’s knowledge of Aboriginal people in this country is defined by their screen portrayal, with parallels between race relations, government policies, political and social movements and events.

The following video is taken from the exhibition at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image.

  • Client: Australian Centre for the Moving Image
  • URL: www.acmi.net.au
  • Year: 2009